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    A WEBHOST is a company that stores your web pages on its SERVER, so that they may be accessed from anywhere by anybody on the internet.

    CHOOSING A WEBHOST:The most important thing to keep in mind when choosing a webhost is to make sure that you get a plan with all of the features and services that you NEED. Price should be only a secondary consideration in making this decision. First you should compare a number of webhosting services, and narrow your search down to a few that offer everything that you need.

    DON'T CHOOSE A HOST BASED ON PRICE ALONE! There are plenty of cheap hosting services out there which are fine if you only need the bare essentials. But if you choose a $5 a month plan to save $10, instead of the $15 a month plan that offers all of the features and services you need, you will get more than $10 worth of headaches, frustration, and lost business. $10 a month is less than 35 cents a day. If you're not serious enough about your business to spend the 35 extra cents a day to promote it properly, you are not going to succeed online or anywhere else.


    Lunarpages Web Hosting are at the forefront of industry standards, and are powered by Dell PowerEdge servers, the most innovative and secure servers in the industry. Our most popular Basic Web Hosting package is an incredible value at only $4.95/mo, and includes: UNLIMITED GB Storage Space, UNLIMITED Bandwidth, Hosti UNLIMITED Websites on 1 account, MySQL, PHP, PERL, ASP, Python, JSP, and Ruby on Rails.

    PowWeb Hosting standard $7.77 Per Month plan includes: 300 GB of Disk Space, 3,000 Gig/Month Bandwidth, Load-Balanced Technology, Unlimited Domains per Account.

    GLOWHOST offers Unlimited Domain Budget and Advanced Shared Web hosting packages starting as low as $4.99 per month for shared hosting accounts, and as low as $149 per month for fully dedicated servers.

    eleven2 HOSTING offers unlimited multiple domain hosting plans starting at $6.00 per month.

    Unlimited Storage and Bandwidth for $4.95/mo! Web Hosting $6.95

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